Netplait will express your apps in the most efficient way in it's IDE. With a brand new user-friendly interface, editing code has never been easier. For users information, some other versions of Netplait is completely Open Source and for users who wishes to view and learn about the code, may link to a separate link in\Netplait_2017.9_Premium. To learn even MORE about Netplait's git and history, check out our online forum at For now, let's take a look at the new features in Netplait 2017.9 Premium:

Smart Auto - Completion

A code snippet which is based on C# language code. Suggests names of classes, methods, library properties, keywords within the visibility scope, and only bookmarks that are visible to the current context. Originally designed by the FastColoredTextbox.dll author.

 Multi Code Library

A fully-designed code library showing all properties and components written and defined in the current workspace. Enabling properties, bookmarks, classes, subs and integers from the C# language.

C# Editing Has Never Been Easier.

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